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A Faster Way to Test Product Ideas

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Define User Personas

We help startups define their ideal target customer and personify them through attributes and behaviors.

Match Customer Profiles

We identify customer profiles to gauge product or service interest, test messaging, and experiment with any variable of interest.

Automate Customer Interviews

Our self-serve customer interview process collects and measures real-world data against benchmarks and custom thresholds to calculate product-market fit.

Empower Your Strategy

Each experiment's final analysis presents a snapshot of product-market fit. You benefit from early learning opportunities, strategic maneuverability, and statistical validation to win in your market segment.

"As a product engineer participating in Design Sprints, we need to validate which creative ideas deserve our time and attention.

Radvatar helps us to easily create project surveys and get actionable data we need to draw informed conclusions."

Principal Software Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Radvatar helps startups validate early-stage ideas.

Get authentic, reliable feedback from your customers.

Radvatar helps you test-drive new product or service ideas and refine your customer strategy based on real-world feedback.